Lenovo ThinkServer TS140 – To be continued

This is a follow-up post for my last post. The TS140 is definitely worth the money I spent on and it’s really well made in Mexico (why it is not China?).

My old tower PC has just been upgraded from O.C version of E5200 to E8400 but it’s still getting slow. As a result, I bought TWO TS140, one for lab and server machine, the other one for workstation.

Surprise, surprise, surprise! My unit is equipped with the latest version of motherboard (FRU number is 00FC657) which supports Haswell Refresh CPU so I can use some of the latest LGA1150 CPU, including i7-4770 and E3-1231 V3 CPU. Unfortunately, I’ve bought a E3-1245 V3 CPU from eBay and it had been delivered. I am planning to buy another E3-1231 V3 for the 2nd tower.

Currently, one of the TS140 is up and running, and it’s very, very quiet! I could only hear the hard drive clicking in the night.

CPU: E3-1245 V3
Ram: 4GB * 2 ECC Unbuffered RAM (original 2 sticks from two TS140)
HDD: 1TB Segate
System: Windows Small Business Server 2011 (SBS 2011) Standard – One of my clients using this and I am just using it for evaluation purposes only, WILL change to 2012 R2 as soon as experiments is finished.

I am going to sell both of the i3-4330 CPU on eBay to compensate my costs.

So far, so good. I will try to post more screenshots for the system shortly.