Worst Online Shopping Experience Ever! Harvey Norman you made it!

To Buyers, be AWARE with the Harvey Norman Online deals!
To Harvey Norman, this is to the best of my knowledge I had with this issue. Also, JB-HiFi and DSE, here I come!
To Search Engine, google robot (<– this is the real robot, not the HN LiveChat one), please feel free to cache this page.
I will keep this post as short as I can.
Situation: I was recommended the following offer by one if the largest Bargain Site – OZBargain!
The site was encountering unexpected traffic during that stage so I had problem with adding this deal to the cart.
After XX times trials, the system indicated that it’s out of stock. Look, the whole story should have ended up this stage! I would be a little disappointed but it’s nothing I could do about it.
I saw it would be fine for me to proceed the checkout (in reality, the system didn’t stop me from PayPal payment method.). I logged into my Paypal account, input my Security Code, and click “Pay Now” button.
Guess what?? The system says it’s out of stock now. Oh, ~~~~!
Action: I tried to contact HN via the online chat with REAL HUMAN, yes! Please feel free to read it and the guy worked for HN were really ‘helpful’! LiveChat is no better than a Chat Robot. HN, please train your support team properly or you are wasting your money!

SamHello ***. How may I help you?

12:12 pm***Your website was not responding while I was making online orders. I was finalising the last step on Paypal but receiving errors. When I got back, it’s out of stock.

12:14 pmIf it’s out of stock. Why should your system bother with mentioning “We’ll be getting more stock really soon and you can still buy on back-order.” which is impossible to check out at this stage.

Samunfortunately we are sold out

***Well, that’s a unfortunate, but your system is misleading and non-operative. Why your website mentioned “you CAN do backorder” but it’s not an option? Why your system still agreed to proceed to the Paypal for payments but end up with an error message?

You rated our customer service as bad.

***I could understand the server is over its capacity but your customer is feeling very bad when they pressed “Pay Now” but it mentioned that your system is no longer accepting backorder any more. Why wouldn’t your system mention that in an early stage?

SamWe do appreciate your feedback if you could please send a message through this link it will be forwarded to the correct department – http://www.harveynorman.com.au/contact-us/

***I doubt with another question, are you human? It’s not a LiveChat anymore so I am forced to leave this chat. LiveChat is responding with automated message.

Sami am a real person

***Sam, I feel shame to leave you with negative feedback, I have no any other backorder option. Sorry, you are victim half-bot staff member. Have a NICE weekend.


The Harvey Norman LiveChat reply formula (Confidential) = unfortunately + real human + Copy/Paste


From my own experiences, if a iTunes gift card is sold out or out of stock, the store could still make printed out version of voucher. HN, please do not tell me you are running out of the paper!

If you insisted this deal is out of stock, why would you bother with saying you can make backorder of this offer? It’s misleading and cheating for your customers.

Overall, Harvey Norman got poorly designed website (not the worst for this one indeed), unreasonably trained / helpful LiveChat staff, plus misleading instructions for customers.

PS: After the deal was ended, it seems that HN is accepting the order again. HN, what’s your point for Sold Out? humours?