Cisco 2821 and CCNA

It’s a remarkable day as the Cisco 2821 has been delivered in full today by TNT Australia. I am sure I would get more challenges in CCNA exam preparation. I’ve bought a complete course from Udemy and CCNA here I come!

I was quite familiar with the basic knowledge of networking equipment and CCNA preparation is a great chance for me to enrich my knowledge in IT.

======Quick Overview about the Router======

The Cisco 2821 is larger than I expected. It weights around 8KG at most. When I opened the case, there was a large green motherboard PCB and it looks like a powerful PC 🙂

Cisco_2821_04 Cisco_2821_01 Cisco_2821_02

The router I bought comes with a AIM-VPN/EPII-PLUS module, which supports high-speed encryptions and decryptions with VPN connections. Indeed, it is supposed that the DES and 3DES encryptions are embedded on board but I had no idea about the improvement of the performance.


2 Gigabyte NIC installed on board, the controller chips are manufactured by Broadcom. Well, I am at beginner level, is the 2 NIC enough for daily use?

Cisco_2821_05 Cisco_2821_06


The system is pre-configured with v15.1 of the IOS system which is stored on 256MB CF Card. It comes with 512MB memory.

The booting up is VERY noisy but it is getting silent after the system is fully booted up. I am also after a 2950 Switch from Ebay and it’s still OTW. I will post more photos if it is necessary 🙂

The Udemy Course: